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The purpose of this blog is for Quakers and interested fellow travelers to explore the Bible together as it speaks to our condition as individuals.

This discussion is open to Christians, non-Christians, atheists and Pagans; to those who are often confused or angered by the Bible and to those who see scripture as inerrant; to good Quakers and to not-so-good Quakers--to name just a few points of view.

All comments should be given in humility and tenderness, especially where the original poster's perspective is different from your own.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Technical Difficulties

The Bad Quaker Bible Blog is continuing to go through periods in which comments seem to be rejected by Blogger. This seems mostly to be happening in Firefox, and not all versions of Firefox at that. If you are a Firefox user, you may want to make a copy of any comment you're about to leave on our posts... just in case the Internet spirits are feeling unkind when you post.

We are interested in hearing about technical glitches that come up with your use of the blog, whatever browser or platform you are using--feel free to respond here or to email me at quakerpagan AT mac DOT com if you have issues to raise.

And to anyone who has been having trouble commenting--I'm very sorry. It's definitely not intentional, and I hope you'll try again in another browser.

If problems are persistent enough, and no other solutions exist, we will have to relocate the blog. (But I hate to do that now you've found your way here!)



  1. Thanks for the heads up, Cat. I have had the unfortunate experience of having the latest version of Firefox for Mac eat comments alive. I haven't been commenting or much of anything in months and when I got back to it thought maybe I had forgotten something! And didn't think to change browsers. I'm on Safari now- much better. Later Patrick

  2. I know of a couple of other (not Quaker-sphere) Blogger users who ended up switching back to the old comments system, because of the problems. But it seems to work OK for me, if a bit buggy (I have to send the comment twice.)

  3. I'm using Chrome - seems to work fine, though it is a two-step process.